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Our site and app helps you order taxis for your client

Лучшие такси сервисы и кешбек 15%
Best offers in one place
Choose and order a taxi based
on time, price, class and cashback.
трансфер аэропорт и вокзал. Пулково, Шереметьево, Внуково, Домодедово, Московский вокзал, Ленинградский вокзал
Multiple orders at once
Order as many rides as you want. You will see who ordered the car and for whom.
Почасовая аренда машины с водителем
Cashback from rides
Cash reward is transferred to your company
or employees account at soon as the ride is finished.
All taxi services in one place
We choose our partners really carefully because quality control is of utter importance in our niche market. All our partners are well known taxi companies with own cars and drivers that are checked on a daily basis.
We optimize costs
Due to the automation of processes and smart selection algorithm, you get the best possible offers available on the market.
Our support is always online
If you have any questions or other issues
just write or call us. We are available 24/7 & 7 days a week.
Get cashback from each ride
Our Mission
Our mission is to help and simplify the life of hospitality professionals.
Those who order taxis for their clients every day while working.
Help them to provide quality service in an easy and fast manner.
We save their time, make them enjoy the process and get something in return for their effort.
St Petersburg: +7 812 409 35 28
Moscow: +7 495 240 92 24

Our Clients
Easy and profitable
Sign up
Follow the link below and connect your company to the best taxi companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg in a couple of minutes.
We will educate your team
We will educate your team to use the service. Add branches and new employees. How to view statistics. Set limits and other options.
Pay for orders afterwards (up to 35 days)
To pay from your Company's account, you simply sign a contract.
Our mobile app
Saint-Petersburg: +7 812 409 35 48
Moscow: +7 495 240 92 24

e-mail: hello@kashalot.me
telegram: kashalotspb
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