Cash rewards up to 30%

With our service, you can easily earn extra money on the taxi orders you make.

1. While ordering select the desired cashback

2. After the ride you will receive money to your Kashalot account

3. You can withdraw money from the account at any time

  • Employees to bank card or mobile phone
  • Companies receive money to their bank account

We share our taxi discount
Our conditions with taxis services are different since we are B2b service.
Our service automatically selects the best offer for your client.
You order a taxi through us
Your client asks to order him or her a taxi
Kashalot sends the order to our partners
Regular market fare price for this ride is 300 rubles
We share our discount i.e 10%
The fare price for this ride becomes 270 rubles
You choose a cash reward i.e 20%
Meaning that you will receive 55 rubles to your account as soon as the ride is finished
The fare price for your client will be 325 rubles
Only 25 rubles more than the regular market fare price
Easy and profitable
Sign up
Follow the link below and connect your company to the best taxi companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg in a couple of minutes.
We will educate your team
We will educate your team to use the service. Add branches and new employees. How to view statistics. Set limits and other options.
Pay for orders afterwards (up to 35 days)
To pay from your Company's account, you simply sign a contract.
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telegram: kashalotspb
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